Essential Direct Mail Trends Your Business Can Implement to Better Connect with Your Consumers

woman reading letter from envelope

With direct mail trends progressing and evolving through advancements in technology, direct mail marketing can be used to help clients reach and captivate their audiences like never before.

However, direct mail marketing isn’t just about sending out postcards or letters with a unique message. By being more strategic and creative about planning, businesses can benefit from the advantages that direct mail has to offer. Direct mail marketing has the power to increase brand awareness, acquire leads, boost response rates, and even drive sales when used effectively.

Here are just some of the direct mail trends your business can implement to better connect with consumers and see an improved ROI.

1. Variable Data Printing (VDP)

Consumers are looking for marketing communications that are both interesting and relevant to them. There’s nothing more valuable to a company than connecting with the right customer at the right time. And having a customer respond positively to your business because of a communication they’ve received can generate lifelong loyalty to your brand.

By incorporating variable data printing (VDP) and personalizing direct mail pieces, you can make sure the content resonates deeply with, and encourages action from a consumer. VDP allows a business to efficiently reach thousands of consumers, delivering a unique message to each of them.

2. Interactive Direct Mail

To allow a company’s direct mail pieces to stand out even more, they can create interactive mail that engages consumers. Recommend combining the pieces with beautiful visuals or virtual reality to create a more immersive experience, and they’ll create an opportunity for direct feedback from the consumer. Let a customer step into a new world just by opening a postcard.

If a client is unsure where to start in terms of interactive direct mail, there are a few direct mail trend ideas that can be tested:

  • Create direct mail with a feature that’s unique to your client’s company to provide an exciting experience.
  • Utilize direct mail pieces that are embedded with QR codes or other technology to allow direct access to a website or digital content.

3. Multi-Channel Direct Mail

Using direct mail in conjunction with other channels (such as email, social media, etc.) can be more effective than using it by itself. For example, a client can use direct mail to drive traffic to web pages or social media accounts with a simple nudge that lands in a customer’s mailbox. 

This is an effective strategy to increase leads and improve response rates. Here are a few direct mail trends for multi-channel campaigns:

  • Direct customers to a web page with an exclusive offer or discount.
  • Send direct mail pieces that direct customers to a website, social media page, or other digital channels where they can find more information about specific products or services.

4. Triggered Direct Mail Processes

Companies can reduce costs and streamline communications for a better customer experience with this direct mail trend. Triggered direct mail can be a very effective method of advertising by delivering an attention-grabbing message to a person who has previously viewed an online advertisement.Triggered direct mail processes capitalize on showing helpful information to customers at the instant they’re most receptive to it.

Using direct mail effectively is an important part of creating successful marketing campaigns. By incorporating these direct mail trends into company strategies, they can better engage with consumers and create more meaningful connections.

Implement These Direct Mail Trends With CPMI Solutions

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