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Tired of self-serve marketing tools and one-size-fits-all strategy? At CPMI Solutions, we believe relationships matter. We’re passionate about creating a personalized direct mail strategy that gives you real results AND makes your life easier.

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percentage of people check their mail daily

20 min.

Average # of minutes people spend reading mail each day


ROI for every $167 spent on direct mail

CPMI customers are using direct mail to execute the following marketing strategies:

Lead Generation
Sales Nurturing
Sales Acceleration
Customer Experience
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We’re Passionate About Helping Your Businesses Grow

CPMI Solutions is a dynamic team of marketers and strategists that believe in the power of prospecting, reactivation, lead generation, and sales acceleration through the deployment of innovative direct mail campaigns.

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Personalized Strategy to Take Your Reach to the Next Level

Print Marketing Solutions Tailored to Your Business

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We always start with a discovery call to learn about you and ensure we understand your challenges so we can create a print marketing strategy that will take you to new heights.

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We’re Proudly SOC2 Certified

CPMI Solutions takes the security and integrity of our customers data very seriously. We go to great lengths to follow industry standards and best practices and have put in the work to become Soc2 certified.

Personalized Strategy to Take Your Reach to the Next Level

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