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CPMI Solutions Privacy Policy

Last Updated: March, 2023

This is the Privacy Policy for CPMI Solutions, LLC (“CPMI”),
which is a print communications company located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

CPMI respects the privacy of individuals that may receive
marketing communications from CPMI on behalf of its clients, and the intention
of this Privacy Policy is to inform individuals what information CPMI may have
about them, how the information is stored by CPMI, and how and why the
information may be used by CPMI.

CPMI acts as an agent on behalf of their clients to
distribute targeted marketing messages to clients’ customers whether they be
current, previous, or even potential customers of our clients. Clients may
provide their customers’ information to CPMI, or CPMI may procure lists of
customer information from commercially available sources on behalf of their
clients. CPMI does not own clients’ customer information, and does not use the
information for any other purpose than to distribute marketing messages as
directed by their clients. This means CPMI would never contact an individual
from our clients’ customer files for the purpose of promoting CPMI or its
services. Similarly, CPMI would never contact an individual from one client’s
customer file with a message promoting another client and their services. Each
clients’ customer file is proprietary to them, and is treated as such by CPMI.

Customer files shared with CPMI by CPMI’s clients, or procured
by CPMI on behalf of and for use by their clients, may contain personally
identifiable information. This information includes, but is not limited to:
first and last name, mailing address, email address, age, and sex.

Personally identifiable information from customer files is
stored by CPMI on secured servers located in the United States of America.
Access to information stored on these secured servers is restricted and is
governed and controlled by CPMI.

CPMI may use the data contained in customer files in a
number of ways. Data may be sorted and segmented to provide targeted messages
by segment, and name and physical or email address will be used for delivery by
US Postal Service or other electronic means. In the case of emails, CPMI may
collect disposition information like whether or not the email was opened or if
links within the email were clicked on. For either traditional mail or email,
CPMI may also use customer information to create reports to evaluate campaign
effectiveness, but this information is only ever shared with the client to whom
the customer data belonged.

If an individual wishes to be excluded from any marketing
communications sent by CPMI on behalf of a client, they may contact us at or may
contact the client through their designated channels. Requests submitted to
CPMI will be shared back with clients. 

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