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CPMI Solutions is a dynamic team of marketers and strategists who believe in the power of prospecting, reactivation, lead generation, and sales acceleration through the deployment of innovative direct mail campaigns.

Our Mission

CPMI Solutions creates innovative and data-fueled direct mail campaigns that connect with consumers where they feel most comfortable – at home.

We’re Marketing Experts Who Know Print

Our enduring passion for print led us to establish a company that provides forward-thinking companies a data-fueled approach to engaging high-potential prospects. Beyond prospecting, we create strategies that breathe new life into dormant leads, along with using automated print-on-demand “nurturing” tactics to accelerate sales with digitally printed, tangible mail.

Our commitment is to help enterprise businesses realize their full potential. We are eager to network and explore collaboration opportunities with like-minded individuals and businesses. Feel free to reach out, and let’s chat about how CPMI Solutions can take your marketing to the next level with data-fueled direct mail!

Our Culture is
Our Priority

We strongly believe that our employee experience is paramount in delivering an outstanding customer experience. That’s why we look for people who are truly passionate about marketing and print to help us elevate the difference we can make in each of our customers’ businesses.

Every month we give back to our employees with in-house cooking, haircuts, and team-focused resources to make sure our people are taken care of and to keep our passion for all things print alive. Check out some of our real team members who handle everything from strategy to production to delivery and see what makes the CPMI Solutions team truly different in an industry full of automation.

Our Management Team

Jack Kemp
Jason Digilio
Founder/Managing Partner
Mike Frost
General Manager
Brad Armstrong
VP Sales and Marketing
Justin Lunsford
Kathy Howell
VP Operations
Travis Kemp
VP Operations

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