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    Convert your website visitors into customers by integrating an offline component that complements your online retargeting efforts. 

    Postal retargeting is a revolutionary way to identify, target, and send mail to your anonymous web visitors. Unlike online retargeting, you’ll collect the mailing addresses of individuals who visit your site so you can reach them offline with our automated direct mail.

    How Offline Print Retargeting Works

    Web Tracking Pixels

    A tiny, transparent, web-tracking pixel is placed on your site, and captured data based upon campaign rules you set with CPMI.

    Visitor Data Collected

    When a device visits your site a combination of data fingerprints decides where it resides. Mail is then sent to the residential address and the data gets shared with you.

    Mailed within 24 Hours

    A first-class, “offer-based” postcard, letter or self-mailer is mailed within 24 hours of the site visit. There is no personalization on the mail, referencing the site visit. 

    Website to Mailbox

    From your website to their mailbox. Think how effective you’ll be as you turn your unconverted website views into an exclusive, targeted direct mail campaign.

    Use Mail to: Generate Reactivate Accelerate Motivate Educate

    Chances are, if you’re like most people, you might be tuning out all of the digital “noise”.
    Direct mail creates a tangible, personal connection that email and other digital strategies just can’t match.


    Offline retargeting is the dream of every marketer as you’ll get valuable insights and actual site visitor data that will be used for a mailing and shared with you for additional marketing activities.

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